QSS Exchange Toolkit

QSS Exchange Toolkit provides essential tools for managing and extending the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Take control of spam with additional filters and a graphical interface to efficiently manage anti-spam features, integrate POP3 email with Exchange, customize from addresses and add sub-addressing capabilities with our tools.

QSS Exchange Toolkit for Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013
QSS Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit

Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit

Easily manage anti-spam functionality using a web-based interface. Adds URL Blocklist filtering (aka Domain, SURBL or URI DNSBL) and Sender Score filtering to Exchange, even on Mailbox servers. No Edge server required!
Exchange Anti-Spam Toolkit Details

QSS Exchange Connector

Exchange Connector

Download mail from POP3 servers and deliver it to Exchange via SMTP. Download from multiple POP3 mailboxes simultaneously every 1 to 60 minutes. Supports unlimited mailboxes per server and TLS 1.2.
Exchange Connector Details

QSS Exchange Custom Sender

Exchange Custom Sender

Use multiple From addresses with a single Exchange mailbox. Also adds sub-addressing (aka plus-addressing) to Exchange. Users can select which From address to use on outgoing messages, instead of always sending from their default address. Optional Outlook integration.
Exchange Custom Sender Details